Heather S. – mixed sessions

One day when I was at a figure drawing session I looked over and saw this amazingly cool looking girl drawing near me. So of course I just spent the rest of the session drawing her instead of the hired model. My dad once told me “If your’e gonna spend time drawing something, make sure you draw what inspires you”. Heather has been such a great inspiration and I continually call upon my reference photos of her for so many paintings. Continue reading “Heather S. – mixed sessions”

Mina Salome – ses1 Aptos: Standing Nudes

It was so nice to get a chance to work with Mina when I was in Aptos! She has such a nice quality to her and she is a belly dancer so her sense of rhythm and motion is really nice. The first thing we did was some standing and dance movement nude poses explorations using the natural window light. We shot some video of this and I’m planning on getting that up soon. Continue reading “Mina Salome – ses1 Aptos: Standing Nudes”